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Project Owner:
Sarava Pars

My Solutions:
UX Design
UI Design


About Sarava Pars:

Sarava is an Iranian investment company that concentrates on successful models of value creation through knowledge in management and the transfer of experience to the Technology based startups.
Sarava was established in 2011 and are currently engaged with number of successful investments in internet and mobile based businesses. Sarava provides investments with the tools to develop operational capabilities. We are among the top venture capital firms, providing management consultancy for the TOP 3 e-commerce companies enjoying a strong global market reputation in the Iran's market.

About Usability Report:

Sarava's design team has worked hard to prepare an E-commerce Usability Report; a complete report of category pages, product pages, home page, checkout, delivery, payment methods, customer support, search, search results, forms, and user flows. The report is a result of more than 60 hours Usability Research of 9 of the most prominent Iranian Ecommerce websites (Digikala, albasco, varchin, 5040, alldigital, chareh, alldigitall, final, bamilo). The whole report is a 132 document with more 108 guidelines in all the sections mentioned. It includes quotes from users, screen shots, guidelines, and solution. Furthermore each case includes the usability rules violation guide. There is a complete case study on Digikala included in the complete version of the report.

Design Requirements:

Now to market it we will need a Landing Page with the following requirements. The LP needs to be in Farsi. The report is broken down to 5 different products so that the user can make better purchase decisions. The product break-down is as below:
- The whole report
- The whole report + specific case study for them
- The Checkout report
- The Checkout report +specific checkout case study for them
- The Category and Product report
- The Category and Product report + specific case study The products are high priced.

The design should meet the following requirements:
- Users need to a proof of report's greatness so that they can trust and buy the report
- User need to see the pricing of different products to make a better purchase decision
- Sarava needs users to take action so that we can both maintain a relationship and sell the report to as many prospects.

Sarava Pars — Usability Page Designed by Mobin Bahrami — BMDX
Sarava Pars — Usability Page Designed by Mobin Bahrami — BMDX

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