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Project Owners:
Nowzhin Co.Ltd
Hamraah-e Avval (MCI)

My Solutions:
UX Design
UI Design


About Hamraah-e Avval (MCI):

Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (MCI) also known under its brand name Hamrah-e-Avval is Iran's first and largest mobile phone network operator. MCI is a subsidiary of the Telecommunication Company of Iran and it has over 17 million postpaid and over 49 million prepaid subscribers. Hamrah-e-Avval's service is available in 1,078 cities and over 38,000 kilometers of highway in Iran. It provides roaming services via 256 partner operators in 109 countries. In 2010, 5.5% of the MCI shares were offered on the Iranian over-the-counter market (Farabourse), at a value of $396 million. This was the largest IPO-to-date in the Iranian OTC equity market. 

About Ramezan-e Hamraah:

Ramezan-e-Hamrah is a religious and event base App that developed by the first and biggest Iranian cellphone operator (MCI) with cooperation of Nowzhin Co.Ltd, this mobile App developed for users at Ramadan of 2014. Since this App was an on demand mobile value added services based App, so it should be comprehensive, attractive and has many competition advantages. The other point of this App was corporate identity. Most services of this App defined for MCI subscribers, so designing of Ramezan-e Hamrah done based on MCI CI guide and users could know this App developed for them with a glance. This matter considered for naming of this App too and Ramezan-e-Hamraah choose for it.


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