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A digital artist & designer who subscribes to the belief that art should be purposeful, functional, and relevant to its original intention.



I didn't grow up in Renaissance, and never went to the moon, but I've always done things because they were hard.
Today, I am a passionate artist & designer about establishing better arts through discovering human needs.
I love what I try for it 

The Multidisciplinary art & design combines an empathetic and curious way of seeing the world with rigorous methods of observation, ideation, and production.
Most of my background is focused on Product Design (UI/UX Design) but I also have a good hand on digital arts (3D / 2D) as well.

My Story

I started working on a computer when I was 13 years old, and from the very beginning, I started my journey in the digital world by producing multimedia in which I had made based on my findings.
I created various video lyrics of songs, photo screen savers and the same one for myself   : )
After that, I studied Computer Engineering at the Conservatory and the university, and during these years I only programmed, but it was from the end of college that I became more interested in what people like and have a direct connection with. Since then, I've combined art and engineering by create the products and art pieces for humans. My goal is to be an effective creator.

Some of my most memorable moments, activities and my photographies:


From close collaborations

Mobin is one of the sharp people I know ever in the field of design management.
He is also a great design instructor, mentor and speaker, especially for startups.
Co-Founder and CIO of FANAP

Mobin's ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike anyone I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team.
Founder of BDING

I have worked with Mobin. He is very committed to his duty and his organization. very talented with market intuition that gives him a brilliant marketing sense & innovative ideas.
It was a pleasure for me to work with Mobin.
Founder of ZoodFood (SnappFood)

If Anyone wants to make the design with high quality and last trends. Mobin's one of the best design managers for your design requirements. you can got unique idea with your need of good looks and conceptual design for particular concept.
I am glad to be part of Mobin network and glad to be part of very nice person.
Founder of KarmDude

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Product Design (Web / Mobile)
Art & Design Direction
Identity / Branding
Consulting & Design Review
Graphic Design & Print


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