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I am a multidisciplinary designer in User Experience, Branding & Advertisement fields based in Tehran Capital of Iran, with +10 years of experience.
I am a creative problem solver, with a thorough mix of design, technical and marketing ideas, as well as formulated design solutions.
As a design manager, I wear many hats, and I am involved in many roles such as managing multiple type design projects (chief design officer), UX director, art director, brand consulting, marketing, and idea creation.
My goal is to be a good creator as I can and I always try to keep my personal taste out of my job to give to my client a design that is not necessarily beautiful but definitely appropriate! I love the clean and impressive design I guess you like it too, like a Great player!

I work with many clients from different Industries. this variety of clientele has led me to have an open mind to so many different situations and answer to this question: how the user and customer feel about X or Y?

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User Experience Design
Product Design
User Interface Design
Ideation & Concepting
Design & Creative Direction
Team Mentoring and Leadership
Product Management
UX Tests
UX Research

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Design Review
Startup Coach (Mentoring)


It’s all about the User Experience.

The reason you go to your favourite club is not that of the low prices or convenient location; you go there because of the overall experience.
I work with companies at all stages of product development to help them understand their users through research, establish a product strategy, create a prototype, and design and iterate the full user experience.
I create that same approach with the apps and websites. I focus on overall usability, ease of use, and interaction between the user and product. The result is social interaction and sales.

Your reputation online. The Important of your site.

Websites and social media profiles can connect your company to a wider audience than ever before.
It helps to significantly increase your brand through targeted campaigns.
I create captivating website designs and digital campaigns that highlight your company in the mass market.

My main digital services include:
— UX different solutions like usability test and last export case studies research
— UX design for digital products and services
— Responsive website design

Your Brand Identity Should Be Stamped On All You Do.

Branding is one of the most important ingredients for the success of any business. It tells customers whom you distinguish you from your competitors.
I’m strategically pouring your identity into the final product!
From logo, naming and slogan to branded items, and corporate style.

Creating a logo for business is not art but science!

Having a professional and memorable logo is perhaps the most important element of your company brand.
A logo often gives the first impression of your business, it is essential that your logo is not only immediately identifiable but also transmits the right message to your customers.

Your brand does not identify only who you are but also represents the personality and values of your company. It is a very important resource for your company.
I will work with you to create the voice of your company, then show it to the world through strategic design.

I cover all areas of the company brand, including:
— Brand creation
— Brand guidelines
— Corporate rebranding
— Name and development of slogans

You can help your brand maximize its potential.

Clarity if the key and creative design are able to communicate information that words often can not.
I use my design skills and creativity to successfully promote your business.

If you’re just a start-up, are you a trader or a company?

I will listen and learn your company and step by step! build or transform your brand into something special.
Provide a range of services that will help you take your company to the next level, from custom logo design to branding services, UX design and digital promotion. 

I love energizing audiences with ideas, inspiration and action to help them think like a designer.
I speak at conferences and run workshops at events, companies, and educational institutions. 


I am proud to cooperate with



Multidisciplinary design team of professional's for multidisciplinary design projects!

Behnam Saberi — Photographer — BMDX

Behnam Saberi


Saeed Bajelan — Video Maker — BMDX

Saeed Bajelan

Video Maker

Ali Bagheri — Motion Designer — BMDX

Ali Bagheri

Motion Designer

Mehrshad Mehdizadeh — Music Producer — BMDX

Mehrshad Mehdizadeh

Music Producer

If you have powerful experience in any field of Art, IT & Marketing,
Send your suggestion or resume to be a part of my team on BMDX. 
Drop a line to:[at]gmail[.dot]com

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